Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Try it on Tuesday.... #2 (for me)

Hello All you pretty people,

Happy Tuesday to you all. Hope your week is amazing this far  :-)

For today's post I am doing another Tuesday theme hosted by Jilltastic Nail Design. "Try is on Tuesday" means that day we wear a polish that has been sitting around but we have not gotten the chance to wear yet. Fun? I believe so. Gives those lonely polishes some love! Today I decided to go with OPI I'm not really a Waitress, OPI Dating a Royal and China Glaze Polarized from the Prismatic collection!


All of us in the USA know that tomorrow is Independence Day...aka Forth of July or aka fireworks day (my children's special name)! So of course knowing me I needed to do my festive nail in honor of the big day. I also needed to stick with my "Try it On" theme. It all worked! I have bunches of untouched polishes and my manicure came out just fine. I went with simple yet eye catching! 
Happy Independence Day to all. Be Safe and have fun!

What are you wearing for Try it On Tuesday? 

Any patriotic nails for you?



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  1. Love this overall look. The accent nail is perfect!

  2. Thank you Essie! I have gotten many compliments on this look :-)

    Also, Is Rae your middle name? My daughters middle name is Rae as well. I love it!

  3. Always thought that Not Really A Waitress was the best red EVER made. Your mani is confirming this suspicion for me. ;)

  4. It's a great red! Not a bright "in your face" red. It's really pretty!