Monday, September 3, 2012

Dead Sea Premier Nail Beautifying Kit, Passion Fruit Aromatic Body Body and Dead Sea Aromatic Mineral Body Treatment: Review

A little information regarding The Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea is one of the world’s natural wonders formed over millions of years at the lowest point on earth, over 1300 feet below sea level. Rich in life-enhancing minerals, the Dead Sea waters, salts and mud have been praised throughout the ages, often credited as the first center of skin care the world has known. Compared to the 3% salt content of ordinary sea water, the Dead Sea contains 32% salt content with relatively high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, silica, bromide and potassium. Exposure to the Dead Sea water is widely acclaimed for nourishing the skin, treating acne, easing rheumatic discomfort, increasing blood circulation and relaxing the nerves. This is endorsed by European health funds that send members to be treated at the Dead Sea for chronic skin and rheumatic conditions. It’s very high density enables the body to float effortlessly. This special trait permits free, relaxed and easier movement in the water, enhancing the effects of physiotherapy. The Dead Sea continues to attract tens of thousands of visitors annually to its many resorts and treatment spas. Visitors soak in the famous waters and coat themselves in the celebrated revitalizing black mud. It is rumored that when the region was under Roman reign that even Cleopatra herself was seduced by the therapeutic powers of the Dead Sea.

Premier Dead Sea Mineral Scrub penetration your skin with vital minerals from the Dead Sea. This is an outstanding peeling salt that exfoliates, cleanses, nourishes, and refreshes your skin. After one use, your skin will feel soft, clean, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

The closest to the truth. After using the Mineral Salt Scrub for the passed few day my skin was left feeling rejuvenated, revived and so, so soft. Smells amazingly like lavender. On day 3 I decided to go head to toes with the scrub. I was completely awed by how soft my body and face is! Definitely a winner!!!

Premier Dead Sea Aromatic Passion Fruit Body Butter

A silky, aromatic Dead Sea Body Butter which is supremely rich and is quickly absorbed into the skin to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth.

Used after the Premier Dead Sea Mineral Scrub gave and added extra smooth, moisturized and heavenly look to my skin!

Dead Sea Body Butter has an describable scent. It smells AMAZING. I wish you could sniff your screen to experience the unique scent!!

Premier Dead Sea Beautifying Nail Kit: For shiny and healthy nails. Erases ridges and surface irregularities. Gives nails a glassier long-lasing manicure!

Kit includes: Nail File
                                      Buffing Block 4 sides
                                           Mineral Rich Cuticle Oils
                                         Hand and Body Cream


From previous picture I was oval. This file easily brought my nails back to square.

Step 1: Blue side of buffing block removes lines, ridges and rough texture

Step 2: Grey side of buffer with remove any remaining ridges and stimulate blood circulation under the nails which encourages healthy and strong growth.

Step 3: This side is made out of silk. Buffed with this side for 10 seconds in a fast motion brought out and amazing shine. This shine will last weeks!!

Hand and Body cream is a light and airy formula. This passion fruit scented cream leaves the skin soften without a greasy after effect. When combined the the cuticle oil it improves the flexibility of your nails and helps reduce flaking and breakage.

Mineral Rich Cuticle Oil is a specially formulated product to soften and condition cuticles. Gives nails a well groomed contour to them. It soften skin and gently loosens the cuticle from the nail and adds a scent of passion fruit to you that you just want to eat!


Let's get 1 more side by side comparison!

Get your Scrub, Butter and Nail Beautifying Kit from the Premier Dead Seas website HERE
I am very pleased with each products in this review and will continue to purchase from Premier Dead Sea in the future. 

***Products in this post were provided for review. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own***




  1. This product looks great.. I should go try it out. Love salt scrub!! Btw the scrubs is not scented ya.. Only the body butter smells yum right?

    1. The scrub smells deliciously of lavender. Can't believe I forgot to type that in. Thank you!!! I adjusted it!!

  2. The nail care product looks good too.. really nice. I have tried bad buffing blocks on my nails and I hated it.. This looks like a decent buffing block :D Hope the price isnt going to be as ex as those in Sephora haha

  3. I totally agree with you,I bought these products yesterday and my skin has never felt this smooth ever I still can't believe it!!!! Central Africa

  4. I bought the salt and the nail kit yesterday t, I tried the salt last night and its totally amazing I still can't believe it :) :)!!!! I keep feeling my skin each and every minute.... Central Africa

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