Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Born Pretty Store

Who doesn't love fun and trendy nails?!?! However, who doesn't love EASY, fun and trendy nails? Everyone!!

Today I am showing you some adorable and easy to use bows from The Born Pretty Store to add to your nails. These 3D Hot Cute Sweet Candy Color bow-knots made of resin come in 4 fun shades. (baby pink, baby blue, white and black) Each bow also has a tiny clear rhinestone in the center to add an extra sparkle. Just add a dot of nail glue or acrylic to your polished nails, then POW, an instant beauty bonus!

In my manicure I used a dot of clear acrylic for added strength to the adhesion of the bows. Works well with nail glue too. The bows lasted long, stayed shiny and the best part is that they are reusable. I just popped them off of the acrylic and swiped a bit of acetone to where the polish stuck and went on my way. The bows also look slightly bulky on me but rest assured, tiny hands do come with my 4'11" self and the bows where never in the way. These are PERFECT!

I love the color combination of black and blue and was dying to show you all the bows in this shade!

Take a moment to browse through The Born Pretty Store, I guarantee you will fall in LOVE with their items and prices. Scroll down for details on how to save 10% with FREE Shipping. Score!!

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DO TELL, would you dare to wear these pretties?? 
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