Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Neons are HOT!!! China Glaze In the Lime Light

Wowza it sure is HOT today here in Arizona. It's only about 102 right not but the weekend should be a tiny bit cooler! Today I decided on China Glaze In the Lime Light. I absolutely love neon's and this one definitely brightened my day. With most neon's they give a slight matte finish which I really like. I did need to apply 3 coats to get the opacity I needed but topped it off with a top coat. I found this color at my local Sally's Beauty for around $5 a few months ago. I swatched it before and fell in love.

So, with that said what are your thoughts on neon's? Yay or Nay for a mani? Pedi only? Do tell!




  1. I nearly picked this up on my last trip! I really love neons under stamping! I really think next time I go I'll pick this one up.. I wanna do a nice black zebra print right over top of it,, LMFAO style. ;) *im sexy and i know it.* LoL.

  2. OH I LOVEEEEEEEEE neons! I like them shiny so I slap on a super shiny top coat.

  3. @Mrs. totally should. I can see it now!! Pics when you do it please!!!

    Thanks you Passion, Cee and Esme!!