Thursday, May 10, 2012

Zoya Zuza PLUS a Jelly Sandwich Accent

I really like this Jelly Sandwich trend going on lately. Yesterday I was playing around with a few polishes to see which looks are best with a sandwich effect. I specifically wanted to see if Zoya Zuza could be workable but it is too opaque. Don't get me wrong, I love opaquey goodness but the color of Zuza in a sandwich is what I envisioned. This was my first time using Zuza and I LOVE it. Zoya describes Zuza as deep, saturated, oceanic turquoise with gold and silver metallic shimmer and a foil like finish. This blue-green foil is perfectly opaque in 2 coats with ZERO streaking. Awesome! 

Now for the Jelly Sandwich cuteness, I used another Zoya in Madison. I had recently received Madison and wore her as a base for a french manicure. Great color for just that reason. It's not very opaque at all which is good for the ways I want to use it. The main reason I had decided to purchase Madison is simply because of the name. The name of my only daughter. Love it! For in between Madison I went with Wet n Wild Party of Five. It is packed with small hex glitters in magenta, silver, green, baby blue and a teal which is closer to the color of Zuza. 

Yep, my pointer as an accent!

Close up to see more detail

Let me tell you MY Madison loves this look!

So what are your thoughts on the "Jelly Sandwich" trend? Like? Don't? Love? Please do tell.
As always, Enjoy!



  1. I like jelly sandwiches lol I just don't like removing glitter....Zuza is awesome!

  2. thats such a pretty jelly sandwich! :) and im loving Zuza on you!

  3. Okay I love that Jelly sandwich and I LOVE that you did an index finger accent. I love mixing up my accent fingers. Using just the ring finger gets booooring!

  4. I have a dumb question, lol. Can any polish be used to make a jelly sandwich, for the base and top coat I mean??