Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Try it on Tuesday.....#1

Hello Friends,

Happy Tuesday to you all. Tuesday's are like my Monday's so it's back to school for me today! I hope you all are having an amazing week so far :-)

For today's post I have decided to take part in a fun Tuesday theme hosted by Jilltastic Nail Design. "Try is on Tuesday" means that day we wear a polish that has been sitting around but we have not gotten the chance to wear yet. Fun? I believe so. Gives those lonely polishes some love! Today I decided to go with China Glaze Electrify from the Hunger Games Collection. Great color! By the time I purchased it everyone and their mother's have already posted dozens and dozens of photos of it. The Hunger Games movie had already been out and I wore a cute themed mani that I used other polishes with. See that mani HERE!

Electrify is highly reflective and sparkly. This glitter in gold/red/orange can work as a topper or to be worn on it's alone. Gives your mani a dancing light effect for a "Girl on Fire" look. This is why I had only purchased this color from that collection. Beautiful!

Here I have used 3 coats on index and middle finger
2 coats on ring finger and pinky

Try it on Tuesday is for EVERYONE! Come share your mani with us on my FB wall or email it to me at prettypolishedpointers@yahoo.com



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