Monday, August 13, 2012

Try it on Tuesday ....... OPI A Grape Fit


Purple, purple, purple. uhhh I love PuRple!!! I have owned OPI A Grape Fit for a few months. Poor little thing has been sitting in my "client polish" bag. I have had a few clients request it but I have not gotten around to wearing it myself. Do not ask me why because it must mean that I am crazy. This is an amazing dusty, mid-toned, pastel purple cream. Amazing application and opacity. i do believe this color will be going on my toes very soon. Definitely before Fall :-)

What have YOU dusted off today for Try it on Tuesday?????

Psst....P.S. Anyone notice that I rounded out my nails? Probably not but it's something VERY new to me. I have always been a square/squoval kind of girl!!!




  1. Very nice purple almost similar to Essence a lovely secret!

    Haha yes oval nails are nice but still think squoval nails are better for nail art bigger canvas space lol

    1. I agree. I broke one one my right hand so I trimmed them all down a bit and decided to try round for the first time in ages!

  2. I love this color! This is just about my favorite shade of purple. Gorgeous polish :)