Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Zoya Spring Break Trio Review

Finally received these babies in the mail. Good Morning America and Zoya had teamed up to bring their viewers an awesome deal. I was able to get the Zoya's Spring trio for half off. I paid $12 with $2 standard shipping. Zoya also offered a $4 expedited shipping price but I have patience. I was very excited when I got them and decided to swatch all 3 last night. I was very pleased with the cute little box it came in. I think I will be leaving them in there on my rack because it'd just too darn cute!

                                                             So beautifully packaged!

Zoya Tracie

Tracie can be best described as a yellow-toned pistachio green with delicate silvery shimmer with a frosted pearl finish. I really like this color. I have recently fallen in love with many greens lately and I'm so glad this color came in the Trio. I do not think I would have purchase it on my own so I'm very glad I got it. I had some slight streaking but after the 2nd coat it was gorgeous!

Zoya Wednesday

Wednesday is a faded dirty medium turquoise with green undertone with an opaque cream finish. Again, I love greens and I knew I wanted this one when I first saw it. Great formula and I had perfect opacity in 2 coats. I was slightly worried that this color would be similar to Bevin but I definitely see a difference. Wednesday is simply beautiful!

Wednesday vs Bevin


                                             Wednesday                              Bevin

Big difference. Love them both!

Zoya Shelby

My favorite of the Trio! Shelby is a soft but colorful cherry blossom pink with an opaque cream finish. Reminds me of bubble gum, pepto and happiness! Complete opacity in 2 coats. Fabulous application. Definitely will be wearing this color a lot this summer!




  1. I love this little package - so cute!

  2. Really loving that Shelby color too!

  3. I love it so much that I didn't want to take it off. Just added some flowers!!

  4. I need that pink and blue! Very pretty colors. Not caring much for the green. Not a huge fan of shimmer/pearl polishes.

  5. All 3 are beautiful. I would not have purchased Tracie on my one but very glad I have it!