Thursday, September 13, 2012

NaiLuv UV Gel Polish

NaiLuv Gel Polish

About NaiLuv: Nailuv's gel nail polish formula is a long-lasting, smudge-resistant soak-off alternative to nail lacquer that can be applied and removed at home. LED and UV-curable, Nailuv’s gel polishes glide on smoothly for a sheer or mirror-glass finish, and removes easily. There are currently 36 long lasting, very durable high-shine fin¬ish gel colors to choose from.

Professional Salon Quality Gel Polish at HOME!!!! You will have to see it to believe it.

Binds the UV Gel Polish to the nail       The foundation and topper                 UV/LED Gel Polish

NaiLuv Ocean Deep is a dark full coverage blue with a micro blue shimmer

Step 1: Push back cuticles with a pusher, buff the nail with a 100 grit file and apply a thin layer of Bonder. (No light required for Bonder)

Step 2. Apply a thin layer of Base/Top Coat. Let cure under light for LED 30 seconds UV 2 minutes.

Step 3. Polish! Always use thin layers to prevent a rippling affect.

Step 4. Cure Gel Polish for UV 2 minutes/LED 30s 

Step 5. Apply a thin layer of Base/Top Coat and cure for UV 2 min/LED 30s

Step 6. Remove the tacky layer! There is always sticky/tacky layer at the finish of a UV/LED Gel Polish manicure. Grab alcohol and saturate a cotton ball, then swipe the nail to remove the tacky!

And your NaiLuv Manicure is complete!!

Day 5!!
Manicure is still going strong!! ZERO chips.

 Day 8!! Minimal tip ware. This polish will last and last. Nail Lovers....I am a nail tech student. I work with heavy duty acetone, liquid monomer and such EVERY day. Refer to my pointer finger. There are lots of scratches due to me filing clients nails and hitting my own. NaiLuv UV/LED Gel Polish is AWESOME!!!


Merry Mermaid is a beautiful teal polish with teal/silver shimmer. GORGEOUS!! Pictures do not do this beauty justice. 

7 Days!! 
Barely any ware. Just a little growth gap at the cuticle area! Impressive :-)

Again, here are your easy to follow step from NaiLuv:

  1. Push back cuticle. Buff the nail with 100 grit nail file. Clean nails with alcohol to dehydrate.
  2. Apply thin layer of Nailuv Bonder and wait 30 seconds or until the bonder is dry.
  3. Apply base coat using NaiLuv Dual Base/Top Coat. CURE for 60 sec using LED Lamp or 2 min in UV Lamp
  4. APPLY NaiLuv GEL SHADE of your choice. CURE for 30 sec using LED Lamp or 2 min in UV Lamp (Apply second coat of color then cure for 45 seconds.)
  5. APPLY Top Coat using NaiLuv Dual Base/Top Coat. CURE for 30 sec using LED or 2 min in UV Lamp.


  1. Lightly buff nail with 100 grit nail file.
  2. Place acetone-soaked cotton on top of nail. Then wrap each finger with foil. Let set for 10 mins.
  3. You may use cuticle stick to remove polish.


  1. Prepare and clean nails before doing the gel manicure.
  2. Before opening a bottle of NaiLuv Gel Shade, turn bottle upside down, then roll in between your palms. Never shake as it creates more air bubbles.
  3. Use cotton with alcohol when cleaning nails after the process.
  4. Apply evenly.
  5. Apply second coat of NaiLuv Gel Shade if darker color is desired.

With 36 gorgeous shade, the possibilities are endless. NaiLuv is durable, smudge and chip free. No more waiting for our nails to dry!

Check out all NaiLuv Gel Polish has to offer by going to their website HERE

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***Products in this post were provided for review. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own*** 





  1. They looked great and I would only do those in Salons cos I think I will mess up if I try doing it myself...

    I don't have and LED lamp either so :( But I love the colors thou looks very strong and bright and Happy


    1. It does take some practice to get an even result. However, NaiLuv lasts a very long time without chipping. Pretty neat!

  2. Thanks for this - I just used it for the first time and I thought it just wasn;t drying - now I read this and see that it has a sticky feel that I have to take off :P -- silly me ;) THANKS

    1. Very glad I could help! Hope you are enjoying your NailLuv

  3. Just bought this and tried it. I used three coats and the tips don't have polish on them. Almost as if the polish is really thin and it ran. there is more at the cuticle although I painted it in an even coat each time. I'm going to try again soo hoping it just takes some practice

    1. Use very thin even coats. Try curing 1 finger at a time as you polish 1 finger at a time. Hope this helps!

    2. I always do an extra swipe across the tip of my nail because gel has a tendency to pull from the tip.

    3. Sandra,

      Have you tried any other gel systems with this lamp?

    4. Hi Suburban Glam, The lamp I used in this post is a Gelish brand UV lamps. Works well with all UV gel polishes. I have however upgraded to an LED lamp for my personal use.

  4. I usually have a gel top coat applied after I get acrylics, and I've had the problem with it not sticking many times. It's just little spots that look like you put water and the water ran off. Weird. Some dries and stays, some just pushes away from an area.

    1. Try applying a thin coat of base or foundation, cure, then add a thin coat of top coat. Hope this helps!

  5. they came out really cool..i love the last color

  6. I love gels and have some, I really need to get back into using them!