Friday, September 28, 2012

NOTD: Zoya Madison

Had to post this beauty. I had worn this polish once in 1 coat to add a soft pink to my french manicure. IAs many of you may not know I am a mommy of 4 little chickabooms. 3 boys and my youngest a girl!!

Her name is Madison! So, many months ago there was a Zoya BOGO and I HAD to pick up Madison for my collection!

Here is this pale and sheer baby pink cream in 3 coats.



There is still some VNL even after 3 coats, but this is a unique polish to me and I would change it for the world. Thank you Zoya for making such a sweet polish with the name Madison!!

I had many compliments on this polish by my clients at Nail Technician school. One actually said that she wasn't use to seeing me wearing such a soft color on EVERY nail.. I totally LOL'd. I usually wear wild colors and have an accent nail!!

AND.......Why not show you a picture of my sweet baby girl Madison and myself....

What do you think of Zoya Madison??? Do you occasionally wear semi sheer polishes?




  1. So pretty, the polish and my lovely Daughter and Grandaughter Madison. <3 it

  2. Omg I didn't know Cara was your mommy....!!! Hi Cara you have an awesome daughter and a super pretty granddaughter!!!

    I don't like sheer polishes but I guess with them as base coat its acceptable but I feel sheer polish makes me look like Pale and Sickly but thats just me <3
    and I love how the polish goes well with you and that polish which is named after your girl... Really pretty~!!

    Is there any polish with Sandra or Samantha.. I wonder what color would both our names fall under hahaha XOXO

    1. Hahahaha yes, that's my mama!! She's my biggest fan!! No Sandra, Samantha or Cara..boooooo. I could never pick a polish perfect for my name. I love ALL colors and I think anything works well with my skin tone!!

    2. Yea but to me I think whether it looks good or not is like up to the mind.. If you think its nice.. its nice.. Used to think green and orange wasn't my color but I kinda tried them on and I found out hey its good.. maybe cos we both have pretty nails hahaha

      and yes we need some polish with our names.. ZOYA or Julep or Shimmers someone reading this.. Do something.. hahaha

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