Friday, September 14, 2012

Not Your Mother's

About Not Your Mother's: Not Your Mother’s products are formulated specially with you (the cool girl) in mind. These beneficial hair tools target the most essential styling needs for any girl today. Using only the best ingredients and technologies, they give you the ability to create any unique style. You deserve to stand out and be different.

I was given 2 products to review and they are both SUPER easy to use!

Miss Freeze is a freezing hairspray! Perfect for those who want to lock in those tough do's that are stubborn. I myself love to do "bumps" From bang bumps to pony bumps, I wear it all!! Miss Freeze has an amazing scent of Kiwi and Watermelon. Smells amazing and scent lasts quiet a while leaving your hair with a pleasant scent! Miss Freeze literally freezes your hair in place with a fast drying time. The spray also does not leave a hard crunchy feeling to hair like some heavy duty freezing sprays. Miss Freeze is simply amazing and is my new go to freeze spray for my bump do's!!!

I love a bumped ponytail!!!  

Part top of hair.

Spray and slightly tease.

Awesome fast drying hold!

Comb down and put in rubber band

Long lasting hold!

At the end of the day I took down my ponytail and lightly combed through it. This created a full volume look for my layered hair!!

Smooth Moves is a frizz control hair cream. I personally have wavy thick hair and I often whip out my hair straightener for a sleek smooth look. I simply applied Smooth Moves before bed and I awoke to smoother shinier hair without the need of my straightener. Magic!!! Smooth Moves can also be applied to hair and blow dried straight to gain a smooth look in a pinch. Smells sooooo yummy with Coconut and Silk Extract. I am in love with this scent. I imagine myself on an island drinking sweet drinks with tiny umbrella's. LOL but seriously, Smooth Moves smells intoxicating!!!

My natural hair. NO products


With Not Your Mother's Smooth Moves


I simply applied Smooth Moves to my damp hair before bed. This is the result I got when I woke up in the morning! No heat required. Woohoo!!!

Each of the Not You Mother's products work wonderfully! I highly recommend.

Retailers include:
CVS and
ULTA and
Duane Reade

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***Products in this post were provided for review. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own*** 



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  1. These product works great on your hair~!!
    I love how it smooths out those messy look and makes it looks like some salon done hair!
    Need those to ship to my country Sandra!
    Tempting Tempting!