Friday, September 28, 2012

LA Splash Cosmetics

Happy Friday my lovelies. It's been a very busy week over here and I do not see it slowing down any. I hope you all had a great week and get to rejuvenate yourselves this weekend. Today I have some pretties to show off from LA Splash Cosmetics!!!

First up is Chromed:

Chromed is a Glitter Polish in a clear base. It has gray colored glitter, both fine and slightly larger.  Chromed also has some halo glitters! At first look the bottle is dark, but once applied and it hits the light it takes on  a silver/gold look.  


This is 2 coats with LA Splash Top Coat. Chrome is so sparkly and gorgeous.


The halo glitter also gives a beautiful sparkle between the darker glitter!!

LA Splash Top Coat: This was fast drying and gave a glossy finish!

Loose Nail Art Glitter

Can be used to add an amazing sparkle and bling to your existing polish or worn in a fun jazzed up french.

Metalmania and Glitz & Gleam

Tiny silver circle holographic glitter, with even tinier silver holographic glitter. BEAUTIFUL!!

Glitz & Gleam: 
Mostly Silver and Holographic HEX shaped glitter. Also has a small amount of hex glitter in green, purple, yellow and orange. Glitz & Gleam also has tiny silver circular glitter as well. Makes for a super sparkly and gleaming nail!! Perfect name!

LA Splash Chromed with Glitz & Gleam tips in the sun. Fabulously sparkly!!


LA Splash Chromed with Metalmania tip. My tips almost look frosted! It's so beautiful


Glitz & Gleam worn as tips only. Very fun and fabulous. Added La Splash Top Coat and my pointers are extra shiny!

Metalmania worn as tips only topped with LA Splash Top Coat. I love this look!!

It was so fun playing with these polishes and glitter! There are many other looks that can be created and I can't wit to do more. The polish formula's were wonderful and long lasting. The Nail Art Glitter sticks like a dream wears great! Check out all that LA Splash has to offer on their website.

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***Products in this post were provided for review. I was not paid for this review and all opinions are my own***   

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  1. Those looked really pretty and would be awesome for nail art and designs.. Reminds me of those cool xmas lights and hey Xmas is coming soon so its good to have those sparkles on the nails !!!